Before he became a No.1 Billboard-charted artist, B. Taylor found success in sports and the military. The Peoria native played football and basketball at the University of Missouri and served in the Navy with distinction. His athleticism persisted into his Navy career and he played on the All Navy and Military Team USA basketball teams. He was later awarded special duty and given an honorary discharge by the Secretary of the Navy in order to pursue his interests in the NFL and music professionally.

-Miguel ortiz,

Ortiz goes on to write, “Though he has found great success as an artist, producer and songwriter, B has not forgotten about his brothers and sisters in uniform.

He maintains an active presence in the military community as a Global Ambassador of Music and Entertainment for service members, veterans, first responders and their families. He is also a part of the 1 Life Organization, a nonprofit whose mission is to combat veteran and first responder ailments like PTSD, suicide, homelessness and depression.

They do this through a variety of alternative healing therapies like music, arts, sports, and animal therapy programs.

Seeing the division and strife in America today, B decided to use his musical talents to deliver a message of unity and love. His new single, “We Are One, Love Is All We Need,” focuses on bringing people together on common ground like service and support.

The music video was an immense collaboration that included organizations and agencies like the DoD, DHS, VA, Tampa Warriors and Tampa Bay Buccaneers to name a few.

Thanks to the outpouring of support from so many communities, the video features first responders, service members, veterans and civilian community members united to deliver the message that we are one … and love is all we need.”

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Alinea co-founder, Supna Doshi, says, “It was only 45 days from the first phone call with Sony artist and Navy Veteran B.Taylor through to a 10 day production, a 7 day edit window, over 30 sets across the state of Florida, a cast and crew of over 50, bringing together every branch of the Military, Veterans, first responders, and their families under the music and message of B. Taylor, We Are One, Love Is All We Need.”

Alinea means a new way of thinking and was co-founded by Doshi and Marine Corps Veteran, Adam T. Cummings.

A Tampa Bay production company, Alinea’s purpose is to reverse trends of anxiety, depression, and suicide in every community across the country and around the world.

Alinea collaborates with partners to production connection focused content that serves this purpose.